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How Cloud Computing is Changing the College Admission Processes?

How Cloud Computing is Changing the College Admission Processes?

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Why Cloud Computing:
Cloud Computing is indeed changing the face of College Admission in a number of interesting, efficient and indispensable ways. The first thing that must be remembered is that CAP is indeed becoming a very challenging and onerous task, since not only the sheer volume of applications are mounting with each passing year, but other aspects provided by aspiring candidates also need to be considered, like transcripts, Letters of Recommendations, Essays, test scores and other demographic evidence gained from ACT and College Board. Physical scrutiny of large number of pouring applications is indeed a daunting and overwhelming task, further complicated by admissions rules and regulatory regimes and a host of other procedural demands.

Virtual online folder concept:
Enter, Cloud Computing into the area of CAP. The most obvious thing that CC aided process does is in terms of offering an electronic virtual folder in which all data and pictures are uploaded by the candidate. Through this virtual folder it is possible to gain and pass on needed data and information between the Admission Officer, his office and the candidate, as and when required and the need for any kind of physical documentation or others is indeed minimal. Thus ensures security, confidentiality and safety of the data and also easy access, retrieval and archiving. The data and documents that are stored are easily accessible by anybody who has the requisite and required permission to access through User Name and Password. CC indeed obviates the need for the Admission Officer to scan through tons and tons of endless application data, and the preservation and archiving of physical documents. Besides, when using virtual documents, all unwanted and rejected applications could be immediately deleted and the need for physical storage is reduced to the barest minimum.

How Cloud Computing renders cost, time and effort efficiencies:
Software add-ons and software architecture in a cloud based system determines that the required documents are gained, checked and evaluated and matched with University demands within the system itself. Only applications that are able to move over every single admission barrier is passed through.  After the confirmed virtual application passes through all the routes electronically, it is put in queue of the Admission Officer, for further processing and decision making. Another major benefit of Cloud Computing aids is that any particular virtual application    could be evaluated from anywhere, anytime if permission and web access is gained.  Cloud Computing greatly reduces the risks of human error and bias to the barest minimum. If the candidate is selected through cloud computing, it could be 100% sure that the application meets all criteria and requirements needed for this procedure.

In the times to come, it is evident that Cloud Computing would be the be-all- and end-all of Admission Procedures in major, esteemed and popular Centers of Learning. It is not only useful and convenient tool but also does away with a great deal of inconsistencies, malpractices, biasedness and errors in the admission process. It really makes sure those only eligible and deserving candidates are allowed permission to gain admission in reputed institutions of learning.

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