Cloud computing is one of the most advanced technologies that have a significant impact in business and economic models today. It provides provisional information technology that helps in saving cost to a large extent. It is the most popular and preferred web application for many global businesses. Also, there are many benefits linked to it, such as it improves the deployment time to apply, cooperative demand during crests, aligning the budgets for IT according to the demand of the application, delivering the application without raising the budget and risk to any data centre. To get full advantages of cloud computing, it is crucial to look for the best and proficient cloud solutions providers who are reliable and expert in providing solutions. But it is necessary to look for all aspects when seeking a professional provider for cloud solutions such as -

  • Cloud solutions providers must be able to serve and deliver services in an appropriate manner and on time.
  • The service provider must have proper knowledge of private and public cloud services. Also, they should provide services that must be affordable for all kinds of businesses.
  • A good provider must be proficient in providing a reliable and secured environment to its clients in scalable and cost-effective manner.
  • The providers should have a sound and precise knowledge of the latest technology to offer the best services according to the market standard.
  • These providers must be available 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to a website by using diverse platforms and devices for the cloud environment.
  • A proper technical support is also crucial in order to get instant solutions regarding the cloud service. As if the clients face any issues, they should be capable of contacting the service providers and get the accurate information and answers of their queries instantly.

Good cloud solutions providers always ensure to provide quality of service on time. So it is important to look at background history of cloud service providers to understand their way of working and the type of quality they can offer. Whether you are looking for private cloud or public cloud services, it is necessary to make sure that the service providers are able to give the best services in terms of both quality and cost. After analyzing all these issues, you can go ahead and finalize the best service provider for cloud computing services. 
Enterprise cloud solutions are designed with commercial appeal in mind. They provide features of cloud computing in a managed environment for the business to implement in its operations. These solutions are provided to the companies at a premium cost. The public cloud, on the other hand, is a network of freely accessible resources that are accessed over the internet. There is no charge for accessing and using these resources. There has been debate over whether enterprise or public solutions are best for business. The reality is that cost should not be the sole factor in making this decision. Here are some advantages only available on enterprise solutions.

One, enterprise solutions grant their user a higher level of control and customization. The business that has implemented cloud computing as part of its information technology infrastructure needs a reasonable level of control. Public solutions offer low levels of customization. Features are decided on generic appeal, and users are only able to change few things of relative unimportance. Enterprise solutions provide their users with a lot of control. They get an interface through which they can interact with the infrastructure and change the settings of the same. Furthermore, at premium prices, they can seek for the solution to be customized to the specific needs of their interest or company.
Two, enterprise means better security and confidentiality. For a business, the ability to secure its data and transactions is fundamental to success. The current economy has shifted to a focus on data. The company needs a system where the cloud created is not accessible by anyone. Public access means that it is much easier for unscrupulous individuals to gain access through hacking the system.

Three, enterprise solutions are more reliable and stable. Public services are provided with a less strict service level agreement. Since there is no consideration paid to the provider, there is little the business can do except complain or switch providers. Enterprise solutions have extremely strict service level agreements. These agreements provide guarantees for the business over service delivery. This is because they create contractual obligations with appropriate channels for enforcement. The contractual nature of the relationship means that stability and reliability of the enterprise cloud is maintained.

While a public cloud may have the advantage of being free, it is not suitable for use in a business. Should the business require more resources, requesting them on a public service would be difficult; this is why enterprise is better for business use.